Aims Professional development for educators on educational technology. Learn to use digital tools, online collaboration, online learning environments and online learning design
Course language English
Starts 2 x year
Created by
Karolinska Institutes, Sweden, e.m.*
Who is the class for?
Teachers, students other people
Commitment ± 10 hours a week during 3 months
How to pass?
Pass all assignments by “activity tracker” to complete the course for certificate.
How to study?
100% online. A-synchronous learning activities, reading and watching video, preparing shared documents, online and synchronous, collaboration, Problem Based Learning (PBL).
€ 00,00

ONL – Open Network Learning- is aimed at teachers, educational developers, learning technologists and course designers in Higher Education, who want to develop teaching using digital tools and learning environments. The following topics and activities are included:

  • Networking literacy for educators
  • Extending you professional network
  • Collaborative learning in action, using Problem Based Learning in an open settings
  • Scaffolding PBL and collaborative group work
  • Designing online collaborative and flexible learning environments
  • Exploring online tools and methods for collaborative learning and sharing in an pedagogical context
  • Take part of latest research and new trends and tendencies within online learning? The course gives opportunity to explore and try collaborative learning in an open online learning environment with colleagues from different universities, disciplines and cultures (nationally as well as internationally).

* ONL is offered by Karolinska Institutet, Lund University, Linnaeus University, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Independent Institute of Education (IIE) (South Africa) jointly. The course warmly welcomes learners from other universities and contexts!